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Film Development (35mm/APS C-41) up to 36 EXP

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This order is for 35mm C-41 film only. The list of films includes:

  • 24/36 Exposure 35mm C-41 color film
  • 24/36 Exposure 35mm C-41 black & white film
  • 27 Exposure 35mm C-41 disposable camera
  • APS C-41 color film

The service includes:

  1. Develop the film to negative
  2. Scan into digital images
  3. Digital images will be made available via secure download in the cloud.
  4. Your negative will be mailed back to you. We don't cut negatives.

Your digital images are usually available for download 2-3 days after we receive your film. All film will be scanned to JPEG at high definition of 2048x3089 pixels (6 Megapixels).

Negatives are returned by mail after scanning. We don't cut negatives.


Limit of Liability

Submitting any film to us for processing, scanning, or printing constitutes an agreement that any loss or damage to it by our company, affiliates, employees or agents, even though by negligence or other fault, will only entitle you to only replacement with an equivalent quantity of similar unexposed film for that lost or damaged. Except for such replacement, our acceptance of your film is without other liability, and recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded. No express or implied warranty is otherwise provided.

We are not responsible for any loss, damage, or delay caused by United States
Postal Service, UPS, Fedex, or other carrier.